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SOS2US utilises cutting edge technology to deliver an application that can be utilised in many ways. Harnessing the “wisdom of the crowd” methodology, SOS2US users input real time incidents to allow us to alert other users and emergency services of potential life-threatening incidents that are happening around them.

The SOS2US application is set up for both Corporate Entities and Single Users.

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The SOS2US team has extensive experience in with the fields of Policing, Military, Intelligence Analytics, Security, Counter Terrorism and Investigations having worked in hostile environments including Afghanistan, Africa, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea to name a few.

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Yes. There is 24/7 Tech Support, just call 1300 240 829 or email us at

Understanding Features

Yes – Where ever you have access to internet, we will be able to receive alerts and information from you and send alerts and information to you.

English. However other languages can be available on request

Only through reporting Minor Incidents. All other times Users are required to be identified.

Users are known at the time of making a report which will significantly reduce the opportunity of false reports to be made. 

The Monitoring room will alert all necessary Emergency Services and coordinate with them utilising the real time data received from users, you just concentrate on getting to safety.

Based on your proximity and the Incident being reported, SOS2US will suggest a course of action to take. 

Single Users

Your reports are sent to local not-for-profit organisations that have partnered with SOS2US to ensure there can be early intervention for all issues that arise like Mental Health issues and safety concerns.

Corporate Users

Dependant on your corporation’s needs, SOS2US tailors it to your recommended departments.

All Urgent reports go back to the Monitoring Room where they action all necessary protocols dependant on the incident.

The Monitoring room will collaborate with all emergency services and feed them real time data as it is sent in.

You just make the report and concentrate on getting to safety.

Yes. SOS2US does rely heavily on its users posting incidents in real time, what you post could save someone’s life.

The security controller will attempt to verify an incident when it is reported but it may be the case that the incident is not verified or dismissed until it has been attended to by emergency services or first responders. 

Single User

The SOS2US Monitoring Room handles all globally incidents and passes reports on to relevant authorities

Corporate Users

Pre-determined departments within your organisation.

User Accounts

There is no lock in contract for Single Users. Corporate users can choose from a range of options. Check out our pricing plans here 

Yes, there is a FREE 7-day trial for Single Users. Check out what pricing plans will suit you here

No – any person that can legally provide their identity can have access to the app provided they have permission by the account holder.

Data is stored at secure data centres within Australia. (Access is restricted to authorised personnel only)