SOS2US Privacy Policy

  1. General
    1. This privacy policy governs the way SOS2US Pty Ltd ACN 622 752 489 (we, us) handles personal information. It applies to all personal information we collect in connection with our website ( (Website) and our SOS2US mobile software application (SOS2US App).
    2. We own and operate the SOS2US App, which is a multi-tenancy software application primarily used as an incident reporting, incident notification and security tool. The nature of the SOS2US App’s functionality means that we collect, handle and disclose a broad range of information, including personal information.
    3. ‘Personal information’ is information or an opinion about you (whether true or not) that identifies you or from which your identity is reasonably identifiable. Please take a moment to read this privacy policy as it explains how we collect and handle your personal information, and in what circumstances we will disclose your personal information to third parties.
  2. Purpose
    1. We comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which regulate how we may collect, use, disclose and store personal information.
    2. The purpose of this privacy policy is to keep you informed of the ways we gather, manage, store, disclose and protect your personal information and help you to understand your rights (and our obligations) under the Privacy Act.
  3. Changes to this privacy policy
    1. We may change this privacy policy from time to time. The updated privacy policy will be posted on the Website and SOS2US App, with the date of the update shown.
  4. Information we collect about you
    1. We collect information about you that we reasonably need for our business functions and activities, which primarily involve operating the SOS2US App.
    2. Operating the SOS2US App and Website necessitates the collection and handling of a broad range of information by us, which may include:
      1. your name, address and contact details;
      2. your date of birth;
      3. your location;
      4. details, including document numbers, of any identify documents you provide to us, such as your Drivers Licence or Passport;
      5. if you log an incident report with us, information and material you include in that report which may include photos, videos and descriptions of incidents you witness;
      6. if you chat to us using our in-app live chat function, we may record copies of that communication;
      7. other information and material you provide to us through the SOS2US App, or data about how you use the SOS2US App or our Website; and
      8. providing the SOS2US App, which is an incident reporting, notification and security tool.
    3. We may use your personal information for activities in support of our primary business functions such as processing payments, administration, employment, management, marketing, contracting, IT, legal, and customer support.
    4. We may also collect and hold ‘sensitive information’, which is a subset of personal information that includes health and biometric information, if reasonably necessary for us to provide you with requested services.
  5. How we collect information about you
    1. Where it is reasonably practical to do so, we will collect your personal information directly from you. We may collect the personal information you directly give us through some of the following means:
      1. when you log an incident report with us via the SOS2US App;
      2. when you submit information via the SOS2US App or our Website, such as when you sign up for an account with us on the SOS2US App;
      3. when you contact us via telephone, email or send an enquiry or complaint through our Website or the SOS2US App;
      4. in administering and performing any contracts we have with you; and
      5. when administering any of our services.
    2. We use third party gateways, such as FIN PAY and/or EWAY, to process payments for purchases made on our Website or the SOS2US App. We will not access, collect or store your credit card or payment details.
    3. In certain cases we may collect personal information from publicly available sources and third parties, such as from our suppliers, contractors, clients and business partners.
    4. If we collect personal information about you from a third party we will, where appropriate, request that the third party inform you that we are holding such information, how we will use and disclose it, and that you may contact us to gain access to and correct and update the information.
  6. Unsolicited information
    1. If we receive personal information about you that we have not requested, and if we determine that we could not have lawfully collected that information under the Privacy Act if we had requested it, we will destroy or de-identify the information (if it is lawful and reasonable to do so). If we collect your personal information in an unsolicited manner, we will take reasonable steps to inform you of such collection and also how we use, disclose and secure your personal information. Such reasonable steps may include referring you to this privacy policy.
  7. Do I have to provide you with my personal information?
    1. You can deal with us anonymously (without giving us your name and contact details) or by using a pseudonym in some limited circumstances. If you contact us through social media, or our Website anonymously, we will generally not ask for your name or seek identifying information unless we need it to respond to your request.
    2. If you choose to deal with us anonymously or by using a nickname, there are some things we cannot do. For example, we may not be able to give you information about your dealings with us as a customer, supplier, or potential employee, or deal with a complaint.
    3. To register for an SOS2US Account, and access the features of our SOS2US App you will need to provide us with certain personal information including your name, address, and email.
  8. Purpose for handling your personal information
    1. As a general rule, we only process personal information for purposes that would be considered relevant and reasonable in the circumstances. We collect, hold, use and disclose personal information to:
      1. provide the SOS2US App and Website and its functionality to you and other users;
      2. provide incident reporting information to relevant third parties, such as emergency services, with respect to urgent incidents, such as shootings, and car accidents, and other serious crimes or emergencies;
      3. provide statistical reporting services to service providers in the health, emergency response, crime prevention and law enforcement fields;
      4. administer our dealings with you;
      5. communicate with you and provide you with relevant information;
      6. assess your needs and preferences so that we can refer you to relevant products and services;
      7. improve our service and product offerings;
      8. comply with legal and regulatory obligations; and
      9. otherwise manage our business.
    2. We will not use or disclose your personal information for any other purpose unless set out expressly in this privacy policy or you have consented to that use or disclosure.
    3. We may disclose your personal information to:
      1. our related entities;
      2. our security services provider, ANSIC Pty Ltd;
      3. Beyond Blue;
      4. Crime Stoppers;
      5. emergency services, including Police, Fire and Rescue, and Ambulance; and
      6. other third parties such as our suppliers, providers of technical and support services, or professional advisors.
    4. If we disclose information to a third party, we generally require that the third party protect your information to the same extent that we do.
  9. Protection of your Personal information
    1. We will hold personal information as either secure physical records, electronically on our intranet system, in cloud storage, and in some cases, records on third party servers, which may be located overseas. We maintain appropriate physical, procedural and technical security for our office and information storage facilities so as to prevent any loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, or modification of personal information. This also applies to disposal of personal information.
    2. We will destroy or de-identify your personal information once it is no longer needed for a valid purpose or required to be kept by law.
  10. Direct Marketing
    1. Like most businesses, marketing is important to our continued success. We may use your personal information (such as your contact details) to provide you with information about our products and services (including those of third parties and other users of the SOS2US App) that we consider may be of interest to you. We may also provide your details to other organisations for specific marketing purposes, including building a profile of your consumer behaviour.
    2. You may opt out at any time if you no longer wish to receive marketing information from us. You can do this by contacting our Privacy Officer or by using the ‘unsubscribe’ function included in our marketing emails.
  11. Cookies
    1. A cookie is a small text file stored in your computer’s memory or on your hard disk for a pre-defined period of time. We use cookies to identify specific machines in order to collect aggregate information on how visitors are experiencing the Website.  This information will help to better adapt the Website to suit personal requirements.  While cookies allow a computer to be identified, they do not permit any reference to a specific individual.  For information on cookie settings of your internet browser, please refer to your browser’s manual.
  12. Overseas disclosures
    1. From time to time we may engage an overseas recipient to provide services to us, such as cloud-based storage solutions. Please note that the use of overseas service providers to store personal information will not always involve a disclosure of personal information to that overseas provider.  By providing us with your personal information, you consent to the storage of that information on overseas servers and acknowledge that APP 8.1 will not apply to such disclosures. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that an overseas recipient breaches the APPs, that entity will not be bound by, and you will not be able seek redress under, the Privacy Act.
  13. Accessing and correcting your personal information
    1. You may contact our Privacy Officer using the contact details below to request access to, or a correction of, the personal information that we hold about you. We will deal with your request within a reasonable time. On the rare occasion that we refuse access, we will provide you with a written notice setting out the reasons for the refusal and the relevant provisions of the Privacy Act that we rely on to refuse access. We will also provide you with avenues to complain about our refusal to provide you with access to the information.
    2. We are not obliged to correct any of your personal information if we do not agree that it requires correction. If we refuse a correction request, we will provide you with a written notice with our reasons for refusing.
    3. We may recover reasonable costs in relation to a request for access to personal information.
  14. Resolving personal information concerns
    1. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about this privacy policy, or how we handle your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer using the contact details provided below.Privacy OfficerEmail:
    2. We take all complaints seriously, and will respond to your complaint within a reasonable period. You may also lodge a complaint with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by telephone: 1300 363 992 or email:

This privacy policy was last updated on 10 November 2020.