Aggressive customer/patron behaviour is becoming an increased risk for companies who have the obligation to provide and maintain a safe working environment for workers and members of the public.

Physical, verbal and threatening behaviour are commonly reported in the retail & service industry.

SOS2US can help organisations’ provide a safer and more secure workplace through the use of immediate alerting and monitoring of incidents and threats, from the convenience of a mobile phone. Urgent incidents can be handled immediately through our monitoring team, which includes contacting emergency services and/or communicating safety instructions and updates through the app.

In addition, by utilising the SOS2US system internally, other workplace incidents will be set up to be received by various departments and/or managers, depending on your organisational needs. For example, bullying and harassment complaints can be reported to the HR department, whilst reports of self-harm or personal issues can be routed to your organisations Employee Assistance Program or counselling service.

Recommended Reporting Categories for Retail & Service

Urgent Incidents

Medical Emergencies
Armed Persons
Hostile Vehicles
Fire or Explosions
Bombs Threats
Other Life-Threatening Incidents

Minor Incidents

Theft or Fraud
Drug or Alcohol Activity
Sexual Misconduct
Suspected Self-harm
Bullying and Harassment
Workplace Health & Safety Issues
Suspicious Persons or Packages
Other Reportable Incidents