A higher level of security is renowned in the healthcare industry. Hospitals experience elevated security risks due to the nature of their stored medical products and treating/visiting people.

Given the diverse range of security threats to the general public and the workforce, SOS2US can provide tailored solutions to control a range of scenarios.

SOS2US system app will allow you to communicate security incidents, issues, queries and potential threats immediately, allowing you to act in an effective manner ensuring safety and security is paramount. The SOS2US system uses the advancement of technology to assist you in communicating emergency information to all users instantaneously, such as lock-downs, threatening personnel, and extreme threats.

By utilising the SOS2US system internally, workplace incidents will be set up to be received by various departments and/or managers, depending on your organisational needs. For example, bullying and harassment complaints can be reported to the HR department, whilst reports of self-harm or personal issues can be routed to your organisations Employee Assistance Program or counselling service.

Recommended Reporting Categories for Healthcare

Urgent Incidents

Medical Emergencies
Armed Persons
Hostile Vehicles
Fire or Explosions
Bombs Threats
Other Life-Threatening Incidents

Minor Incidents

Theft or Fraud
Drug or Alcohol Activity
Sexual Misconduct
Suspected Self-harm
Bullying and Harassment
Workplace Health & Safety Issues
Suspicious Persons or Packages
Other Reportable Incidents