Schools and education facilities have a duty of care to their students, which includes bullying, violence and personal safety.

SOS2US provides the capability for schools and educational facilities to effectively manage Urgent and Non-Urgent Incident reporting and alerting.

There is an unprecedented amount of pressure to handle the detrimental effects bullying can cause in school-aged children. Advances in technology and social media have contributed to emerging threats of self-harm, depression, anxiety and other similar issues in students. Left undetected and not effectively reported, education providers could be in breach of duty of care.

SOS2US allows your students to report issues of bullying, gang and drug activity, self-harm and many other issues via the convenience of a mobile device. This importantly provides a layer of protection for students reporting issues to you, as they can inform your school without having to approach a teacher or school counsellor in a public environment (i.e. Potentially under the scrutiny of the bully watching on).

Additional features are also available via SOS2US to support your school in the management of issues such as self-harm, by incorporating a chat forum in the app, which can be outsourced to counsellors who specialise in issues associated with depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other related issues.

Recommended Reporting Categories for Education

Urgent Incidents

Medical Emergencies
Armed Persons
Hostile Vehicles
Fire or Explosions
Bombs Threats
Other Life-Threatening Incidents

Minor Incidents

Theft or Fraud
Drug or Alcohol Activity
Sexual Misconduct
Suspected Self-harm
Bullying and Harassment
Workplace Health & Safety Issues
Suspicious Persons or Packages
Other Reportable Incidents