Suicide is a heavily-publicised issue in the Defence Force. With so many service members taking their lives through suicide, the catastrophic after affect often leaves their loved ones asking why? Why didn’t they talk to someone? Where was the support?

SOS2US provides Defence personnel with a convenient and discreet way of seeking assistance for issues including self-harm, sexual misconduct and bullying & harassment using their mobile phone.

Our aim is to give them a voice.

Service men and women who have struggled to assimilate back into society after experiencing traumatising situations often felt alone, unsettled or anxious but saw it as a weakness to come forward to talk about it. Spouses, families and friends reported feeling helpless and unable to find out the right channels to assist their loved one.

Whilst support organisations and specialists are out there, the issue of seeking help or opening up can be difficult to navigate. SOS2US can streamline the initial reporting process for affected individuals and concerned peers, creating a platform of immediate assistance in a discreet manner.

Additional features are also available via SOS2US to support the defence force in the management of issues such as self-harm, by incorporating a chat forum in the app, which can be outsourced to counsellors from the defence force or not-for-profits organisations who specialise in issues associated with depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other related issues.

Recommended Reporting Categories for Defence

Urgent Incidents

Medical Emergencies
Armed Persons
Hostile Vehicles
Fire or Explosions
Bombs Threats
Other Life-Threatening Incidents

Non-Urgent Incidents

Theft or Fraud
Drug or Alcohol Activity
Sexual Misconduct
Suspected Self-harm
Bullying and Harassment
Workplace Health & Safety Issues
Suspicious Persons or Packages
Other Reportable Incidents