Is your workforce large and spread out? Do your workers conduct their duties alone? On remote work sites? Is fatigue or personal safety a concern?

SOS2US provides your staff with personal security for physical and psychological incidents including threatening situations, working alone, bullying and harassment, sexual misconduct and possible self-harm, from the convenience of their mobile phone, in a discreet manner.

Personal safety is a growing issue for organisations, for both physical and psychological incidents.

It is the organisations’ obligation to provide and maintain a safe work environment, which includes ensuring the work environment is safe, secure and provides options for employees to reach out and have their concerns and/or issues dealt with in an effective manner.

Bullying and harassment in the workplace detrimentally affects a workers’ psychological and physical health. Without effective management and workplace practices, it may create significant economic and social pressures on workers, their families, your organisation and the wider community.

Physical safety in a large workforce or spread out across multiple work locations and sites can attract a number of risks, such as working in unfamiliar areas, working alone or at night. Do you have an appropriate mechanism to handle emergencies and/or personal safety issues for all employees?

By utilising the SOS2US system, workplace incidents will be set up to be received by various departments and/or managers, depending on your organisational needs. For example, bullying and harassment complaints can be reported to the HR department, whilst reports of self-harm or personal issues can be routed to your organisations Employee Assistance Program or counselling service.

Recommended Reporting Categories for Corporates

Urgent Incidents

Medical Emergencies
Armed Persons
Hostile Vehicles
Fire or Explosions
Bombs Threats
Other Life-Threatening Incidents

Non-Urgent Incidents

Theft or Fraud
Drug or Alcohol Activity
Sexual Misconduct
Suspected Self-harm
Bullying and Harassment
Workplace Health & Safety Issues
Suspicious Persons or Packages
Other Reportable Incidents