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Urgent Incident Alerting

Immediate response time that allows for reduction in potential casualties, injuries and or secondary damage to assets.

Geo-Based Instruction

Enable users to respond and take action against potential and verified threats in a safe and timely manner with discretion.

Minor Incident Reporting

Users can report Minor Incidents easily to relevant resolution groups for investigation through the app.

Sophisticated App Flow

Designed for Intuitive user experience to operate swiftly and effectively in high pressure situations.

Statistical Analytics

Generate detailed post incident and statistical reports for management and first responders.

Multi-Organization SAAS

All your user identities, reports, key vaults and other related data is secured in your own individual cloud subscription.

Send the right instructions to the right people, at the right time.

Real time reports of incidents such as hostile vehicles, armed persons and medical emergencies will be immediately routed to you and your wider network ensuring the right instructions are received at the right time.

How we handle threats

Don’t let the minor incidents escalate, setup early intervention

Are you certain that your staff have the ability to communicate minor incidents like bullying, sexual harassment, theft and other non-emergent situations securely and timely? SOS2US was created to give your organisation a strong strategy against corruption and malfeasance.

Combat minor incidents

Access maps and tracking details of real time incidents

Based on the valuable information from comprehensive user reports, the SOS2US app is able to recognise and analyse stationary and moving events Incidents are monitored and resolved with haste which allows your workplace and the wider community to be safer.​

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