Our Security

Security Investigation & Management

SOS2US is an industry leading security investigation and management platform that allows you, or your organisation, to track and respond to minor and major incidents, receive timely and accurate alerts, and more.

Multi-Organization SAAS

Our cutting-edge SOS2US™® technology is based on a multi-Organization SaaS platform that ensures all of your user identities, incident reports, key vaults and other related data is securely stored in your individual cloud subscription. SOS2US does not use shared storage.


Thanks to our secure hosting platforms and custom identity system, all of your organisation and individual data is protected in transit and rest. Our industry leading security system provides secure user authentication and encrypts API to API communication. To maintain the highest level of security throughout our platform, we conduct regular penetration tests and have an on-call support and security management team.

Thanks to our unique and secure identity system, all users of the app are known to your organisation. By diminishing the need for anonymous reporting, the likelihood of false reporting is drastically reduced.

Access Control

With SOS2US you have full control over the user permissions granted within your organisation. The access roles include:

  • System Administrator (authorised organisational controller)
  • Security Leader (monitoring and response to urgent incidents)
  • Security Monitor
  • HR Leader (monitoring and response to non-urgent incidents)
  • HR Monitor
  • Trusted User (a user trusted by the system, e.g. a teacher, whose reports don’t have to be confirmed before they are submitted to the system)
  • Normal User (the general population of your organisation)