Leading Security, Investigation & Intelligence Experts

Incident Reporting, Alerting and Security Management Platform

The SOS2US team is comprised of professional and highly experienced investigation, security and risk managers with backgrounds in Policing, Military and Intelligence with experience gained by operating in some of the most hostile countries in the world. We are among the global leaders in the provision of Counter-Terrorism strategies and other major incident solutions to government and corporate entities.

We deliver our solutions through:

  1. cutting edge, innovative technology during both the development and delivery phases
  2. strategies specifically designed to reduce injury to persons and secondary damage to property and other assets
  3. responses that provide a consistent and coordinated response to threats
  4. the right instruction, to the right people, at the right time

Experience shows that an effective, timely and accurate communication system MUST be the basis for any effective major incident strategy. Sadly, this concept has been reinforced over time and again recently, as numbers of attacks upon educational institutions and other public facilities continue to rise. The message from survivors and bystanders who witness these incidents is clear and recurring, with most people expressing that they simply “did not understand the seriousness of the incident, where to report to or what to do …” By addressing this common deficiency in major incident management, casualty rates can be combated with prepared, empowered users which will subsequently help save lives.

We’ve created an ideal solution – the SOS2US App and system.