Introducing The Ultimate Security App

SOS2US is a modern security solution, featuring a platform designed for you, your workplace or organisation. An app designed for ease of use to ensure accurate real time reporting for all manner of incidents.

Advanced Technology for Early Intervention & Serious Threat Reduction
The SOS2US system’s predictive analytics will identify multiple, related incidents which assists in implementing early intervention measures and services to reduce the probability of escalation or potential harm. For example, several reports concerning an individual engaging in alarming behaviours or being bullied will be compiled and presented in an escalation report so as to alert you to the development of the situation.

Flexible Workflow Management
Different incident types can be routed to various resolver groups based upon your internal organizational needs. For example, serious threats may route directly to your local Security Officer or Emergency Services Provider, while reports of possible self-harm may route to your facility’s counselling service or an external service provider.


Simple and Easy to Use – For Everyone

We have designed our mobile app to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring it can be easily accessed by a diverse audience, including differing ages and backgrounds. It offers simple, fast and effective, “one-touch” reporting functions that are clear and concise instructions calculated to suit users with a varied range of technological expertise.

Urgent Threats

Urgent Incident Reporting

In just a few pushes of a button, SOS2US enables users to report urgent incidents, receive information from other users and alert users to the associated incident based upon their proximity.

Reports on urgent incidents such as armed persons, medical emergencies, hostile vehicles and a fire or explosion can be immediately routed to both your own security monitoring teams and emergency services in real-time.

This can occur globally.

Non-Urgent Incidents

Non-Urgent Incident Reporting

SOS2US has been created to provide your organisation and its members with a secure reporting platform to identify and defuse potential threats.

Timely & Accurate Alerts

Real Time Notifications

SOS2US enables users to send and receive accurate alert notifications to a mass audience in real-time.

In-app and push notifications allow the SOS2US Global Monitoring Room to notify users of the threatening situation – including the progress of the incident – whilst providing detailed reporting and instructions to emergency services.

Effective updates

Proximity Based Instructions

In emergency situations app users in the immediate vicinity will receive alerts containing detailed instructions about the threatening situation.

This can include information pertaining to an armed person, where they were reported and updates of their location and any further reports of activity.

Live Tracking

Live Tracking to Direct Safe Instructions

Once an incident is reported, the SOS2US system is able to pinpoint the GPS location and its nearby users to provide suggested safety instructions to minimise the impact of the threatening situation.

Users, who have witnessed the incident(s) and/or who are close by in proximity, will be prompted to drop a pin on a GPS map to utilise the “Wisdom of the Crowd” effect. This in turn strengthens and enhances the chance of minimising the impact of casualties with each report.

Statistical Reporting

Post Incident Report

Following the incident, statistical reporting requirements are captured within the SOS2US system, ensuring the relevant information is communicated to the organisation.

First Responders, organisational managers and other relevant stakeholders will have the additional benefit of being able to access critical witness information once an incident has been finalised in the SOS2US system.

Combat Security
Threats Globally

SOS2US provides global 24/7 consistent, accurate and professional monitoring of security threats and issues using advanced technology solutions and specifically designed strategies.